Friday, November 6, 2009

Memory Training for Students - Visual Pictures

Improve memory using memory techniques for Math, Social Studies, Science, Foreign Language, Dates and Names in History. Memory Improvement for your child or yourself.


In Memory Training for Students a total of five (5) audio tracks included, plus as many workbooks as you need to print. Print one for your child, print more if you have more children, even print one for yourself.

Audio track #1 is a one hour program for your child, and remember you can do it along with them, its fun. Ordering this for your child will help them remember information faster which cuts down on study time. Wouldn’t you want your child to retain as much information as they can when taking a test, then them bringing home great grades that reflect that. Please CLICK HERE! for Memory Training for Students.

Audio Track #1 takes you into a classroom where you feel like you are there. The interactive questions, and using the printable workbooks to write notes will help you discover your child’s memorization capability. Then you get to see it grow after they teach them some techniques, its exciting to see! "THE STUDENT'S WINNING EDGE MEMORY TRAINING" teaches your child to take something he/she already knows, to help them remember what they need to remember for tests. Its not that your child does not know the information after studying so hard, its not that they forgot it, its just they could not recall it. Using visual pictures to help them recall the information they studied so hard for has worked for so many other students. Listening to the audio you will hear within minutes a classroom full of students along with yourself and your child remembering lots of information just taught within minutes.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Organized Mind

Please CLICK HERE! for Memory Training for Students. The Audio track #2 is part of a five audio track learning course from The Students Winning Edge Memory Training. Your child will learn from an instructor as he teaches other students. Your child will learn techniques to help remember information to get better grades. This audio track #2 builds upon what was talked about in track one, and giving new information as in how to organize your mind, using a mental file folder system. Once your child finishes they will have this great way to store information for all their subjects. Also learning a technique on how to remember long lists of items. They teach a very simple three step process to remember information long term. This three step process will cut down on studying time and help lock in information.

When listening to the audio track and using the printable simple workbooks for note taking from The STUDENTS WINNING EDGE MEMORY TRAINING, your child and yourself will learn skills on how to organize your mind. Taking breaks in the middle of the audio tape to write down a few things in the printable workbooks that comes with ordering this course to help organize your mind. These techniques are easy to learn, children have a natural sense of imagination and the way they teach students how to remember information for tests and lists is fun, and keeps their attention where they want to learn. Listening to the instructors having fun in the classroom with the students while instructing them, and your child interacting right along with them. The way they explain the information is fun and when you listen to the instructor explain and the reaction from the students in class it will make you laugh.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Abstract Concept

Please CLICK HERE! for Memory Training for Students. Abstract concept is covered in audio track #3 of the five audio track learning course in the Students Winning Edge Memory Training. Abstract concept is turning information into pictures to help recall information for foreign language, math, and history classes. Your child will listen in on a classroom full of students learning these concepts for all these subjects, their mind will be organized, they will be able to recall information faster, needing less time to study, and getting better grades when taking tests. This is exciting knowing that they are being taught these skills that will last them a lifetime thanks to THE STUDENTS WINNING EDGE MEMORY TRAINING.

Foreign Language: Most High School students are required to take some foreign language to graduate. Foreign language is also being taught in some Elementary Schools. Maybe you as an adult would like to learn a foreign language, using abstract concepts covered in this audio tapes taught by Eric and Roger will help you and your child learn how to remember and recall and pronounce Spanish words or French words or whatever language being studied.

Math: Using abstract concept to remember numbers and complex mathematical formulas are explained in this audio track. This is designed to help your child no matter how old or what grade they are in, these techniques will help recall information needed for homework.

History: This audio tape teaches the abstract concept to study and remember and recall important dates in History. This simple easy to learn way to remember dates and also learn how to remember definitions, helping your child on their next test.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Connecting Memory

CLICK HERE! for Memory Training for Students Track #4 is part of a 5 audio track course to help your child do better in school.

This course is taught in a fun and easy way for your child to learn information. Your child will be able to recall information for tests, getting them better grades, remembering more, and study less. Part 4 of THE STUDENTS WINNING EDGE MEMORY TRAINING ties all the information already learned in audio tracks #1 through #3.

Because they are tying all the information already learned. In this one hour audio track they are able to cover several examples of learning certain information. One example that they cover is learning all the Presidents of the United States in approximately 25 minutes. When you listen to the audio tape, pausing the audio tape to write down a few things in the printable workbooks that comes with ordering this course. By the time you are done you will have learned all Presidents and have a way to remember upcoming Presidents as well.

Another subject covered on this track is presentations. Presentations might make some people nervous. Your child will learn how to use objects in the room to remember information. This can be done at home or in the classroom. In this audio tape they will explain how to prepare for a presentation by using objects in the room to trigger information. Then when your child is giving a presentation they are relaxed and can present their presentation with ease.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Get Motivated!

Please CLICK HERE! for Memory Training for Students. Audio track #5 is the last part of a 5 track audio learning course from The Students Winning Edge Memory Training.

Have you ever went to a conference or listened to a motivational speaker and then walked out of there ready to tackle to world. This is how your child will feel after listening to this audio tape. Listening to Eric and Roger in this last audio tape will motivate your son or daughter. And if you are doing this STUDENTS WINNING EDGE MEMORY TRAINING course along with your child like they say to do in the beginning, this will even motivate you and have you thinking.

In this audio tape Eric and Roger talk to your child about making even the smallest incremental change will make a world of difference. They talk directly to your child about their study environment. They talk to them about what they should do and what they should not do when they are studying. They tell them point blank exactly what they need to do when they are studying and why. Explaining to them that by doing this it will free up more time for them to do the other things that they love to do. They also talk about eliminating stress and what to do the night before a test and in the morning. This new way of studying takes so many times of doing it, and then it becomes a new habit.